Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easter and Water Lilies at UP Lagoon, Summer of April 2007

A serene picture of water lilies taken by my mom, Vee, while we were spending a quiet but happy afternoon at the UP Lagoon together with some of our friends and families altogether to paint Easter Eggs and later to hunt for them. Luckily, I got one later.

My mentor in the art of painting Easter Eggs, Tito Ed

Ready, get set, go, paint your own Easter Egg.

Me, busy painting my very own Easter Egg.

Julian smiling comfortably in his zone.

Kuya Akira fixing the hammock for myself.

Salima swaying it out on a hammock.

Julian and me carefully painting on Easter Eggs.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


My memories of Puerto Galera.

Walking along the sands of Puerto Galera.

The Mangyan kids having fun with a spiders.

Oh well, just tired and it's really hot up here.

I love mountain trekking.

Baclayan, a Mangyan Village.

My favorite baby goat.

A herd of mountain goats passing by.

My favorite shot.

The children quietly observing us.

Mother and child displaying their handicrafts.

Up a mountain trail going to Baclayan.

Kuya and I at Baclayan, a Mangyan Village.

Sandcastles at White Beach.

Wow, getting a tattoo is great!

Having my tattoo done at White Beach.

Candidly taking a rest from a swim.

Mmmm, muy delicioso, eating burgers with Kuya Akira.

Waiting at a local restaurant at Muelle Pier.

My Dad poses while taking a break.

Look at me posing like Bo Derek in 10.

Kuya Akira covering up on a hot day.

A quick rest after a swim.

Testing the water before I go in.

Striking a pose.

Haven't seen my mom smile like this in ages.

Look at me floating calmly in the water.

Wow, the water's good in a hot day like this.

God, winds blowing my hair, having a bad hair day.

In a nasty mood, I wanted to swim in the pool but my mom wants to walk along the shore.